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New Company Ensures Pet Care After the Owner Dies

by Shannon Boyer

New pet service that provides Pet Planning in the owner's estate planning, Pet trust administration, and monitored pet care after the owner passes away.

(PRWEB) January 8, 2005 -- My Owner Has Gone To Heaven, LLC (i.e. My Owner) provides the only service allowing pet owners to include their pet in estate planning and monitors the pets care when the owner dies or becomes incapacitated.

According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, 64.2 million U.S. households own a pet, and more than 377 million pets are in the United States all together. With more pets than people, it is easy to understand why an estimated $34 billion was spent on pet care in the United States in 2004. With such obvious importance of pets in the American household, many pet owners are concerned about the ongoing care of their pet when they cannot provide the care themselves. Pet inclusion in estate planning is one solution that eliminates the financial uncertainty of the pets ongoing care. However, without My Owners careful monitoring and tight enforcement of the owners wishes, the owner will not be assured proper care of their pet after their death. Accordingly, My Owner has developed three tiers of service in the companys 360 Pet Planning Package to help owners plan for their pets comfort and care.

- Pet Planning Inclusion In Your Estate   
- Pet Trust Administration   
- Monitored Pet Care

My Owner arranges the set up of a trust fund and develops a pet care plan customized to both the owners specifications and the pets medical and lifestyle needs. Terri Malueg-Ray, founder of My Owner, says, By establishing a trust fund for a pet with our monitored care system pet owners can be assured that their pet will be cared for and caregivers will not have to worry about paying for the expenses of having a pet. A caregiver would only have to worry about loving and spoiling the pet just as the owner had wanted.

After the trust is funded, My Owner also makes certain the pet is taken care of according to the pet care plan established and in compliance with the companys exclusive monitoring system. This system eliminates the temptation of caregivers to collect trust monies through fraudulent claims, or to harm the animal for monetary gain.

My Owner Has Gone To Heaven, LLC offers its services for a fixed rate, to include the preparation of a trust documents, customized lifestyle considerations, the identification of appropriate caregivers, and monitoring the pets care once the trust is funded. The trust arrangement is transferable to various pets throughout the owners lifetime to include all pets in the owners household. Trust fund monies are used solely to fund the care of the pet and are maintained in an FDIC insured bank account for the life of the pet.



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